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Career success and satisfaction depend on finding your element.



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Career success and satisfaction depend on finding your element. By aligning work with your life purpose, you transform a job into a passion. Whether you’re starting off or making a career change, this consultation will help you identify the interests, talents, and work environment your birth chart affirms will bring out your best.

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About Romulus

Romulus studied Western Astrology with leading astrologers on the east and west coasts, and began his professional consulting practice in 1988.  He specializes in natal, relationship, and career consultations, integrating current and future cycles.  His clients come from diverse walks of life and across a spectrum of industries. (Romulus also reads the charts of newborns and children for their parents.)

In 2005 he founded the Hollywood Astrology Group, teaching its members biweekly for several years. In 2012 he began studying Uranian Astrology, the newest branch of astrology, with Arlene Nimark and Gary Christen. In 2015 he founded the Kepler College Uranian Astrology Group. He moderates the group online monthly, with  members from the U.S., Canada and the UK.

His study of Acting enabled Romulus to appreciate how a particular combination of motivational drives, personality traits, and emotional needs make dramatic characters unique. Teaching actors to explore the same qualities in themselves expanded his appreciation of the richness of being human. Today he brings the same depth of perception, attentiveness, respect and compassion to his client work.

Romulus uses the astrological framework of the planets and their interplay in the client’s chart to identify what makes each person uniquely special. He helps his clients better appreciate their particular gifts; identify new ways to handle their challenges… and discover more effective ways to achieve their goals.

Today he helps attorneys, business owners, singers, actors, athletes, sales consultants, and other professionals achieve their personal and career priorities.