Earth Goddess Rising – 7 Beautiful Songs

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These beautiful songs will give you what you want on a deep and profound soul level.

Uma Mehta


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Recorded in the forest in Nevada city California, this album is backed up by the songbirds and the hawk. These beautiful songs will give you what you want on a deep and profound soul level. They contain the healing energy of love and light that blesses and renews all things back to the original state of beauty and perfection, freedom and bliss. Open up your heart and your breath, fully, your entire being, listening and absorbing the frequencies in meditation, and you will be deeply benefited, guaranteed. I love you. We are one love. I am loved and I am Love.

The compilation contains:

1. Lucidity 07:02
2. I found Me 05:03
3. Polished 07:19
4. Heart of Gold 04:18
5. Together we’re unstoppable 05:11
6. Joy Joy Joy Bliss Bliss Bliss 07:04
7. Hawk freestyle 02:21

About Uma

Uma is an example of the triumph of Good over Evil, and her beautiful songs represent the victorious energy of still getting up after falling over and over again in life. Spirit, Love, Truth, Pure Light, Pure Goodness; these are the energies that radiate through Uma’s gorgeous voice and powerful lyrics. You are guaranteed to receive massive benefits by listening deeply to this music. These songs represent the journey from failure to success, the strength, courage, and wisdom gained from experience and meditation.

I have always been an artist, a healer, a singer, a dancer, a painter, In touch with the emotional, the world of nature and magic, and the beauty wonder and joy of life.

The first decade of my life was spent dealing with others trying to sniff out my true life and passions and force me to conform to the wrong shape for my being.

The second decade of my life was spent in strange places, alleyways, the street corner, and overgrown abandon buildings, my van, the forest, the beach, my tent- with just my backpack, my wits and my strength and my intuition, on my own. Traveling away from the prison castle to find myself and my freedom.

The third decade of my life is spent doing what I love, and having everything I need to thrive and overflow with abundance so I can be the Goddess, the artist, the healer and the leader of the golden age ways that lead us all to Heaven on Earth. Now I’m ready to live my life purpose and Enact my divine mission and blueprint into this earth plane reality.

I am here to sing, dance, play, laugh, create, draw and paint, and raise the vibration.