Mythic Astrology by Liz Greene

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Mythic Astrology is a perfect introduction to the world of astrology. In an entirely new approach featuring a beautifully illustrated deck, Liz Greene — co-author of The Mythic Tarot — uses the powerful images of ancient myths to provide new insights into the Sun, Moon, planets and Ascendant. By invoking the imagination, the symbols of astrology can now be understood on the emotional, intuitive and intellectual levels.

Mythic Astrology will teach you something about yourself — your strengths and limits, and what makes you happiest and most productive. Read the color cards with friends or partner: you will explore your own character, recognize that others see and experience life differently, and begin to understand the basic chemistry between yourself and other people. There is no study more effective than astrology in facilitating self-understanding. Mythic Astrology will soon show you why.

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We believe that astrological perception is moving into a new phase; a phase linked to realizing that we humans are functional beings to a greater whole that transcends us and that takes us away from that important place we believe we have in the world. From this point of view, humans are not so special, not more important than the other parts of the system. In the process, we are moving from egocentric perception to systemic perception, and thus, open up to the holistic view of Astrology.


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