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I am Raphael. Even though it seems like it is your choice and decision to awaken, it is an embedded and integrated part of you that desires and requires to unfold, just like the seed of a flower. It is not by the choice of the flower to unfold, it is embedded in its way to evolve.

This is your evolution, and this is the time for collective evolution. We support you, as this work must happen through free will, a conscious part of you that is in alignment with the internal part of you that requests for this awakening to happen.

And, as you make this conscious choice to open yourself to the possibilities that will bring forth your awakening, you become the canvas of all possibilities that this reality has to offer.

In the many changes that are to come as the energy levels rise, your abilities to create, to co-create will as well rise. The internal alignment of your heart, your mind and your body, with the alignment of your soul, will allow you to create the reality that you require to thrive on this journey and to assist others on theirs.

You become a pillar of higher consciousness, a representation and manifestation of divine will to be represented in the human plane. Divine will carries the intention — only the intention — of your continuous evolution and eventually ascension to a higher plane of existence. All our actions and our assistance to you is geared to assist this process.

Greetings, I am Emmanuel. After receiving an adjustment like this, you are required to integrate the changes. Even though it may feel subtle at times, the changes and the shifts that it brings forth will be clearly visible in your life. The external changes [even more] require a settled internal alignment.

Do you take the time necessary for yourself on a daily basis? Do you allow other priorities to take over your life? The simplest truth of self-care, maintenance and support for growth processes; support for vitality. This requires time.

In modern society, the value systems of time have shifted. Even the value for the time for self-care has been reduced and taken over by other more important priorities. It is time to realign the way you perceive yourself, the way you care for yourself; all parts of you: your body, your emotional being, your mental construct, all connected to your spiritual and energetic body.

Moments like these will bring forth the importance of this development. Yet, it can only survive in an ecosystem that allows for this change to truly thrive. This is the ecosystem of your life. The adjustments that you make for yourself will bring forth even more change in your life — change that is more compatible with the being that you now are, the being that has understood the priorities of life and has adjusted accordingly, and is ready to receive, ready to give, and ready to be present. This is you.

How you live your life will always be yours to decide. How you create the circumstances of your reality is often operated by multiple factors: the unconscious, the subconscious, and the collective, all in coordination with specific learnings that must occur; specific learnings that must complete. Adjustments like these today will allow you to reach these realities to be created for you, by you, in a more conscious way. And as you understand the importance of all learnings, you allow and direct some of these realities into manifestation.

This is the power that lies within you; within all of humanity. And, as you start to see the changes of your reality, of your relationships, of the circumstances that you’re in, of your being overall, you become the most powerful being of your life. You become a creator of your own, a master of your own, and with this unfolding, you continue the journey ahead, understanding that the self-realization has many steps, yet you are ready for those steps, as you have created the foundation necessary.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How can we explain to mainstream audiences and skeptics that we can have direct contact with the Archangels through channels such as this one?

Your desire to communicate with those that might not be ready to hear is well noted; your efforts are noted. The key element in this unfolding is your evolution: it is the change that others witness in you, the assistance that you have received in manifestation of your life, and the person that you have become, and the presence that you share.

All else does not require any explanation, justification or convincing. Those that are drawn, to join, to receive, will come. Even those that are skeptical will receive. Belief is not part of our gift to you. Changing of your mental structures; belief systems; will remain yours. Ultimately, you may choose the language to represent your reality to them and they will choose to accept your reality as part of theirs. They may be open to hear and they may be rejecting your reality. This is entirely their choice. Understand that all humans operate in different ways, receive in different ways, and understand their reality in an entirely unique perspective.

Sometimes you will have agreements and many times you won’t. What matters in those moments of agreement and disagreement is your presence. This is what you receive here: the support for [the] strengthening of your presence. We understand that our presence here, that our interventions of this kind, will bring forth controversy, adversity, disbelief and inner conflict. Yet, even these aspects will allow individuals to transform internally if they are ready to face this transformation. Their openness is the ultimate invitation. You see, it is them that are called to come forth and to receive, and we will be present to to all that require. Thank you for your question.


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