AstroHology – A Path to Self-Knowledge and Healing

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by Vanesa Maiorana and Alejandro Christian Luna

UniverseAstrology has been in existence for about 4,000 years, and apparently it is still in very good health. As empires are born and fall, continents move, religions appear and disappear and humanity evolves, Astrology not only survives but is increasingly creative and vital. Why?

Perhaps Astrology has the potential to mutate and update itself constantly, tuning in to the perceptions that arise from the evolution of human consciousness. Astrology is a way of perceiving a reality in which everything is interconnected, inside and outside, heaven and Earth, me and those around me, the inner parts in light and shadow.

We believe that astrological perception is moving into a new phase; a phase linked to realizing that we humans are functional beings to a greater whole that transcends us and that takes us away from that important place we believe we have in the world. From this point of view, humans are not so special, not more important than the other parts of the system. In the process, we are moving from egocentric perception to systemic perception, and thus, open up to the holistic view of Astrology.

The problem of the study of Astrology was the emphasis on the cognitive and mental approaches associated with the prediction of events and the description of predetermined realities.

If Astrology effectively shows a multidimensional reality, we need a holistic approach, because we “apprehend” Astrology with the mind and the heart, with body and soul, from the individual and the group, with the right cerebral hemisphere and with the left.

Astrology has always been systemic, and now the awareness of humanity seems to be prepared to develop it this way. When we say that Astrology is holistic, systemic and integral, we think of it as a fractal system, generator of spirally expanding patterns. The Zodiac for example, is a group of figures projected on the starry sky in which we can see the Sun in its annual journey. And also, the Zodiac is a spiral that evolves, from the point of view of consciousness and meaning. Holistic Astrology does not predict concrete facts but sheds light on the meaning of the facts, and this meaning may be different for each individual or for oneself over time.

‘AstroHology’ – towards a holistic approach to Astrology

tree womanAstrology is a special way of perceiving reality. The concept of holism leads us to think of the natal chart as a whole composed of parts that interact and feedback each other. The functioning of the total system is not predictable through the study of the functioning of each part: “the whole is more than the sum of the parts”.

The holistic concept originates from the general systems theory. However, we use this word in a multidimensional way. The perennial philosophy can help in this, since it has long differentiated between different levels of reality: matter, body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit.

To practice astrology with a holistic approach, we cannot stay only in the mental/cognitive study of astrological factors. If we consider the correspondence of “what is above is also below” as a synchronicity in which being born has a correspondence to the energies in heaven at that moment of birth, we are at a symbolic level that is not possible to understand from a rational perspective but requires symbolic understanding. This is a higher level of complexity that implies alchemy between both hemispheres of the brain, that is, it requires going beyond the limits of the rational mind.

The internalization of the knowledge about oneself that comes from the natal chart produces a change in consciousness. And we have to keep in mind that the knowledge we are referring to is not an intellectual knowledge and association of concepts. It is necessary for a physical/emotional movement to occur as part of the understanding, and it is even possible for a new unknown dimension to appear for the person, which is the spiritual dimension.

When we do a natal chart reading with a holistic approach, we do the analysis of it taking into consideration the astrological factors, but the resonance with the other person’s energy field is also present. And that is where we surrender to the flow of our experience, an experience that comes from transpersonal dimensions (of humanity), of our perceptions and of the topics the client is bringing as a theme. If the person feels mobilized, through spiritual information, if some suppressed emotions emerge, if some insight is produced, it will be enough for the astrological consultation to have been meaningful

The conception of the human being as a vibratory field that is in continuous energy exchange with everything that surrounds him (other human beings, other species, the planet Earth, the Universe) is opening us to a new way of perceiving Astrology. Astrology has always had to do with the relationship between the stars and the entities that incarnate on Earth. As the conception of the world becomes more complex, we need to expand the limits of Astrology and find new relationships that have always existed but are now rising into awareness thanks to new revelations about ourselves and the world.

With this new conception of Astrology, we can observe an expansion of ourselves inwards and outwards. On the one hand, we realize that our psyche is much deeper than what was known in the past, in the origins of psychology. This deep inward search at the same time creates an outward movement. The deeper we go in the psyche, the further we reach outward, to what is beyond ourselves, to the collective, to the transpersonal dimension, and to the Universe. To complement this process, we include several tools from holistic, energy and body therapies, in the study of the natal chart and the teaching of Astrology. The learning process is integral, as it includes all the dimensions of our being.

The dimensions of being

From a holistic consciousness, the way of understanding reality has a fractal structure where each part in turn contains the whole. This whole being has dimensions that we can analyze separately to address its complexity and explore how each of these dimensions is linked to the whole. We will describe this phenomenon in words, even though we know that written language has limitations to achieve it. To understand this description, it is necessary that we can open ourselves to a different awareness and let the information arrive through different channels of perception.

Astrology describes these different channels with the symbolism of the planets. The matrix of the planets is a structure that is linked to other structures (signs and houses) and from there emerges all the complexity and creativity of what Astrology is.

Each planet represents a specific function within the psyche, which corresponds to a quality and has a function within the whole system. We begin to understand that there are no better or worse signs, neither are there better or worse planets, but that each planet has its corresponding function. And the major system is in psychological terms the development of an operational, mature, healthy psyche.

Each planet has a special quality, a corresponding archetype, a specific function within each personʹs psyche, and each planet can be manifest in people, animals, objects or experiences. It is as if the same quality of the planet can be seen in an abstract way, in a more psychological way or as if it were an external object. We describe each planet from a holistic point of view in the next article.

The natal chart as a tool in the process of healing

To avoid confusion, we must differentiate the terms cure and healing. The term disease comes from the Latin infirmitas, which means “lack of firmness.” The definition of disease according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is that of “alteration or deviation of the physiological state in one or several parts of the body, due to generally known causes, manifested by characteristic symptoms and signs, and whose evolution is more or less predictable.” Generally, disease is understood as the loss of health.

We speak of cure when a restoration of a damaged or unbalanced part of the organism occurs, when a medical condition remits, when the progress of a disease that affects the physical body stops. It can also refer to the restoration of the balance of some condition on the psychological or mental plane. From this point of view, one might wonder how healing can be achieved through Astrology. And here it is important to say that we are not referring to cure, but to healing.

Healing has to do with the rupture or change in some pattern that generates a certain imbalance or illness, be it physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. The interpretation of the natal chart from an intellectual point of view is not enough to produce healing, since this is only a representation on a two-dimensional plane. The complexity of a human being leads us to see the two-dimensional chart as a multidimensional complex and it is entering there, through the multiple dimensions that unfold from the chart, that we will be able to embrace the human being as a whole, always knowing that we will never be able to access all dimensions at once, and that the being will be able to unfold throughout life.

LeavesThe astrologer does not only consider the natal chart in a consultation. Many other things play a part it: the presence of the person, his history, experiences, emotions, thoughts, concerns and fears, the situations that occur to him, the connections he establishes with others, the energy that is constellated around it. All that is building a whole in continuous movement and where information circulates on multiple levels. The consultation is an interchange of words, energy, questions and answers. The active attention to the client is the fundamental key of our work as holistic astrologers.

Becoming aware of repetitive or conditioning patterns is essential when trying to resolve the conflicts that afflict us. But becoming aware is not only to understand the pain or the repetitive pattern from a mental point of view. Information has to go through the body and mobilize the heart. And for this to happen it is also necessary for the client to reach the limit of tolerance of that pain. When something hurts us too much, we seek healing even if that process is also painful, because we know that touching the pain of what caused the disease is no less painful than the disease itself. it is that point of pain that mobilizes the path to healing.

The same goes for the pain of feeling stuck in life in an existential meaninglessness. When the pain of being there is greater than the pain of leaving the situation, then we can muster all the courage necessary to face change, which can manifest even as a complete rebirth.

In general, the study of the natal chart does not serve the being but the ego. That is, the ego (only a fragment of the being that we are) uses the incredible wisdom of Astrology for its own purposes. The goals of the ego are self-knowledge, self-improvement, having a good life and healthier relationships, choosing more convenient options, being happy, etc. But it is only a phase within a larger process; and something very important of course. If we truly get involved with Astrology, it will have to be transpersonal, including levels that are beyond what the ego wants and needs.

So why get involved with Astrology? Doing so will give you a chance that you did not have before, there is the opportunity of becoming more conscious, feeling more vital and fulfilled in your existence. It will not give you security or guarantees, but perhaps it can train you in living with the flow and aligning yourself with the changing qualities of time. It can give you acceptance regarding what you and others are (because they are your outside). It will probably make you less idealistic and invite you to unfold the potential of your being in ways that your ego does not know, fortunately.


About the authors:
Vanesa Maiorana and Alejandro LunaVanesa Maiorana and Alejandro Christian Luna are the authors of the book AstroHología: a holistic paradigm of Astrology. Creators and teachers of astrology training with a holistic and transpersonal approach, in face-to-face and online modalities. Creators of the radio program Hola Marte!. 
Vanesa Maiorana
 is an astrologer, teacher and astrology consultant. Reiki Master of the Usui Shiki Ryoho system. Bachelor of Systems and Master in Software Engineering. She was a university professor from 1993 to 2011.
Alejandro Christian Luna is a consultant and professor of Astrology, professional ontological coach and graphic designer. Trained in Psychosynthesis. Creator of the Visual Zodiac, Visual Zodiac Pro and the Orange Luna Tarot decks (together with the German artist Nil Orange).
You can contact the authors to find out about their career in Astrology (in presence or online modalities) and the book AstroHology: a holistic approach to Astrology. In the future, the book will be available in English.  

Universe: Image by CharlVera from Pixabay
Tree woman: Image by Rafael Javier from Pixabay
Fractal: Image by Barbara A Lane from Pixabay
Leaves: Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

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