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Aquarius provides you a platform where you don’t have to deal with the hassles and unexpected costs of maintaining your own website. Aqua members get advanced features like blogging and your own shop to sell online.

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Ready in hours! tons of ecommerce features already integrated. You just have to link to your Stripe account (super easy), customize your store, set up your services or products, and let the world know. Similar to Etsy, lots easier than Shopify.

Yes! this network is dedicated to people sharing interests in spiritual growth and a better world. Art, astrology, tarot, channeling, music, festivals, retreats, healing, meditation, yoga… you get the idea. As long as it is positive, growth directed. All profiles and content are moderated to keep the community within these guidelines. You can read more in our Terms page.

“Light” accounts will remain free forever. Advanced options like having your own store, scheduling and charging for appointments, and selling online courses, will require a paid Aqua membership.

There are no ads, and we don’t sell, trade, or give away any user data. Aquarius is 100% member supported: Aqua members pay a monthly fee for added benefits, and aquarius also collects fees from sales that those members generate. Here is the Privacy Policy for more details. In your profile, you can select privacy settings for each entry, between Private, Public, Members, and Connections. Read more.

Ideally musicians in aquarius will be in the sound healing, meditation category. If you are interested in a band/artist profile where you can sell music, announce shows, and lots more, you should look at tunetrax.com, which is designed specifically for musicians.

Yes! for $24/month
Aqua member features in addition to Light features can also:

Create blog posts
Create events in the calendar with venues and organizers
Create your own private or public groups
Your own online store

Anything legal.

  • Sell classes/workshops
  • Sell physical or digital (podcasts, videos, PDFs) items
  • Set you availability for consultations
  • Users book and pay for consultations

Payments deposited directly to your Stripe, -10% fee per sale

For now you can sell them as products in the your shop (PDF’s, images, videos, sound). We are working in incorporating full course development modules.

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