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Here you can safely share photos, videos, documents, voice messages, chats, and more. You can communicate 1-to-1 and in private groups with your contacts, friends, family, co-workers, and in open groups with other members with whom you share a common interest.

  • No content or data is shared by Aquarius Directory
  • Free from tracking, spying, and scraping
  • Share content only with those you wish to see it

This site is currently in development. Please feel free to create a login and build your profile, and we will let you know as features are released. Anyone that creates a profile while this message is available will be upgraded to a full Paid Member with all the paid features free, for the rest of the age of Aquarius. Details of membership below.

Free Member

Free Member features includes your own

  • Profile Page
  • Add your website social media sites
  • Your blog shared, to the community
  • Calendar of events

Paid Members

Paid Member features include (in addition to free profile features)

  • Create your own private or public groups
  • E-commerce:
    Charge and schedule consultations
    Sell classes/workshops
    Online store for physical or digital items (podcasts, videos, PDFs)


Sign up while the site is in beta, and you will be upgraded to paid user features for free

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