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    The Aquarian Age will usher in a period of group consciousness. The Age of Aquarius advances a purification of our inner spirit selves, effecting our outer physical selves, while also mirroring these purifying changes into the living planetary system and the noosphere as part of a cleaning up or cleansing of self and planet. (wiki)

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    Aquarius and Aquarians in the New Age

    Aquarius The Reformer

    (Greek) "Waterbearer", 11th sign of the zodiac (approx. January 20 to February 20); ruler Uranus; the airy element; keywords: consecration, originality, eccentric innovative energy.

    Recognized strengths: generous, inventive, detached, progressive, tolerant, ingenuous, open-minded, social, creative; problem-solver, humanitarian.

    Potential weaknesses: unconventional, eccentric, changeable, independent to a fault, unsteady, aloof.

    Key Phrase: I know

    Aquarius is the experience of individuality, and can be highly autonomous. As the Fixed Air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius expresses focused mental energy, and can show a strong level of ingenuity. Although most people think of Aquarius as progressive, it also has the capacity for fanatical attachment to an idea or ideal. Aquarius is the rebel and anarchist, but can be unselfish and altruistic, much like Uranus, which rules this sign. Symbolized by the Water-Bearer, Aquarius pours forth ideas streaming from the mind; in its highest form this is stimulated by intuitive awareness. Aquarius seeks to develop the true, unconditional love of friendship. Its cool detachment can be directed in positive ways to bring about change, but can also seem hurtful on a personal level. Where you see Aquarius in your chart, you see your need for the unconventional, and for the development of your individuality.

    The best quality of Aquarius is your humanitarian attitude. The worst quality is argumentativeness. A key phrase is “I know.” Aquarians are seen as progressive. When we speak of the Age of Aquarius, we are speaking of a period beginning now and extending into the future, with all the possibilities the future has to offer. Aquarians may be well informed or even visionary in your thinking. You may not be grounded in the practical application of your ideas. Focused on a universal goal, you may not attend to the needs of individuals in ordinary circumstances.

    Aquarians have advanced ideas. You are original and scientific in your methods, and you are strongly interested in education, for yourself and for others. You often prefer to learn through conversation with others, rather than through straight book studies. There is an unconventional quality in your thinking – you can take apples and oranges and make something greater of you.

    Aquarians are generally pleasant, but you are also assertive. Your determination can turn to argument when you don’t get your way, and you can be unsympathetic to the views of others. Your temperament is affected by the world outside yourself, and can become cranky at times, or even rebellious. Your usual cheerful manner and understanding of human nature make you skillful social beings, but you may be somewhat reclusive, needing a lot of private time to think things through. You are not terribly practical and have to learn to manage time and money.

    Aquarians are generally kind and are influenced by the kindness of others. This may be because you have moments when you are unsympathetic, and you recognize the need for this quality. Aquarians value your freedom, and thus respect the freedom of others. You are interested in metaphysical subjects. Your lack of demonstrative behavior may be your way of keeping your feelings to yourself.

    In an attempt to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Age of Aquarius, one has only to look back over the previous five years of labor we have endured to understand that personal "self-realization" is the key that opens the door to "self-actualization." The difficult internal and external struggles we have walked through over the past half decade now shift into a higher gear, giving us the potential to create our dreams, expand our horizons, and open ourselves up to one another in deeper and more spiritual ways.

    Many astrologers herald April of 1995 as the actual beginning of the "Age of Aquarius," for that is when Uranus entered Aquarius, and of course Uranus rules the sign of the water bearer. It's tricky to define and describe the general nature of Aquarius and the energies of its counterpart Uranus, for by their natures, they move beyond definition and transcend restrictions and expectations.

    Aquarius demands much from us, particularly in the areas of faith and trust. Periods of time ruled by Aquarius, such as this great age we're moving into, promote the radical, the unexpected, and the freedom to follow our impulses on all levels. Like toddlers, we have all spent the last five years opening up to trusting the unexplained, the intangible, and the intuitive. We have made our ways by crawling, walking, and falling down, continuing to force our shaky spiritual legs to become stronger and more sure-footed. Though most of this process has been done internally, many outward challenges have created obstacles that made us stop and face our truest selves as spiritual entities connected not only to a Higher Source, but to each other as well.

    We have been laying the groundwork, for before we could become one with all humanity as Aquarius encourages, we had to become one with ourselves. The dawning of the new millennium heralds this inner accomplishment, and simultaneously opens new doors to a greater and more expansive Universal oneness. We are now beginning to move in the world with greater physical health and enhanced awareness as more spiritually evolved individuals. By so raising our personal energies, we enhance the wholeness of others, and thus raise the vibrations of all humanity.

    Perhaps the most astounding evidence of the dawning of this age is embodied in our recent focus on "Truth." Both within and outside of ourselves, a search for the truth has exposed many negative energies that have been eroding the quality of our society and blocking growth, progress or resolution to cyclic problems that affect us all. Exposures of deception have surfaced in the realms of religion, health care, politics, finances/banking, the environment, science, and even the personal sexual lives of our leaders.

    True to Aquarian nature, the illusions surrounding these structures have been stripped away; concurrently, we've had other illusions dispelled in our personal lives that never made the national news. The control and power that these establishments and icons of order have had over us are about to be overthrown and revised by humanity as a whole. No longer will the majority be ruled by a few select individuals. As we begin to share and expand our ideals with others, we can now expect to move our personal spiritual visions in the physical world, creating higher laws and establishing a more Universal foundation based in metaphysics, truth, peace and wholeness.

    Now that we have mastered the art of being responsible for ourselves as individuals, we can begin a new millennium embracing the Aquarian ideal that each one of us carries the responsibility for the collective well-being of all humanity.


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